Review of Chick Lit Single by We Are Scientists

Single review of Chick Lit by We Are Scientists.

We Are Scientists Chick Lit Single

Then there were two! We are Scientist return minus Michael Tapper (Drummer), but it is the old cliché "the show must go on" and We Are Scientists have got their heads down and got on with the task in hand.

'Chick Lit' is the second Single to come from these guys critically acclaimed second album 'Thrust Mastery'. Unlike so many from the class of 2005 it seems that We Are Scientists have stuck to their guns and carried on playing tunes that they enjoy playing rather than trying to produce something that would sound good on the radio.

'Chick Lit' in it's own right does have a pop kind of feel to it, but that is all squashed once the guitar riffs kick in. We Are Scientists certainly know the winning formula when it comes to writing and putting together tunes, just a shame that they are reduced to two.

Mark Moore

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