Wayne's World star Tia Carrere has rekindled her romance with her second husband, five years after their 2010 divorce.

The actress/singer and British photojournalist Simon Wakelin have found love again - much to the delight of their nine-year-old daughter, Bianca.

During a new interview on Oprah Winfrey's Where Are They Now? series, Carrere explains, "We were married for seven years and then we got divorced, and now we're back together again.

"I think that we needed to grow separately and to discover, and rediscover, in each other what it was that was most important (in our lives). And the best thing is that Bianca is the happy recipient of her family coming together again."

Carrere is grateful to have reconciled with Wakelin, because her happy home life has helped her deal with the ups and downs of a career in showbusiness.

She adds, "When the ebb and flow of the career happens, as inevitably it does, you have to have some sort of solid foundation - your life, your family, your friends - to keep you together. I'm the luckiest girl in the world; it's been an amazing ride."

It's not clear if Carrere and Wakelin have remarried, but she was wearing her engagement and wedding rings for the Tv chat, which aired in the U.S. on Sunday (08Mar15).

Carrere, 48, was previously married to film producer Elie Samaha, who she divorced in 2000.