Remember yesterday when we brought you news of Steven Gerrard's possible casting in a new James Bond movie? Well, it looks as though Wayne Rooney is also joining the race to replace Daniel Craig, ahead of tonight's Skyfall premiere in London (October 23, 2012).

A new alternate trailer for Skyfall - commissioned by the Huffington Post - has emerged online, featuring the Manchester United star as Bond himself. In the ridiculously poorly-produced clip, Rooney infiltrates a hair transplant laboratory in an attempt to bring down the villains. After Judi Dench's M demands to know where the hell he has been, Rooney replies, "Spain, Brazil... erm, Italy." His team-mates Ryan Giggs and Patrice Evra also pop up, displaying slightly better acting skills than Wayne himself, though the whole thing is disastrous. Funny, almost, but disastrous. At the end, the England star is heard to say, "They say he is a legend," before a title reads, "Wayne Rooney is Awful," in the recognisable 'Skyfall' typeface.

The video comes just 24 hours after current Bond Daniel Craig tipped his favourite footballer as a possible replacement once he hangs up his tuxedo. Speaking to the official Liverpool FC website, the actor mused, "Who would I rather be, captain of Liverpool or Bond? Well I don't think I could keep up any more so Bond will do but Steven Gerrard would make a good Bond. He is a good leader so you know what, seriously, who knows?"

Click here to watch Wayne Rooney as Bond over at The Huffington Post.