Veteran entertainer Wayne Newton has landed his own reality TV show, which will focus on the women who run his life.
The singer, dubbed Mr. Las Vegas, will front the new show on American cable channel WeTV.
It will feature his wife and attorney Kathleen MCCrone, her sister Trish and Newton's publicist.
Even his mother-in-law, Marilyn, will make an appearance - she runs the star's merchandise empire.
The announcement of the show comes after a bad start to the year for Newton - his wife filed court papers in February (10) in a bid to keep her assets separate from those of her financially-troubled husband, and his adopted daughter, Erin, suffered liver, kidney and respiratory failure and fell into a coma after giving birth to the star's grandchild.
The health crisis forced Newton to pull out of a series of lucrative engagements, so he could be close to his sick daughter, who is now on the road to recovery.
Tabloid reports suggest Las Vegas authorities descended upon his Sin City ranch, while he was at his daughter's bedside at the end of February (10), to collect a $500,000 (GBP312,500) court judgement relating to a bank loan Newton reportedly reneged on.
Newton has blamed years of bad money management by his team of advisors for his financial troubles.
He has been accused of failing to pay storage fees to keep his private jet in a hanger at the Oakland County International Airport in Michigan.