Review of Wave If You're Really There Album by Wave Machines

Review of Wave Machines album Wave If You're Really There released through Neapolitan.

Wave Machines Wave If You're Really There Album

Liverpool's Wave Machines throw their electro-pop offering into the rapidly growing mountain of 2009's 'new music', which all seems to consist of synths and drum machines. But this is no bad thing, Wave If You're Really There mixes catchy disco beats with clever lyrics that will keep you hooked all the way through.

The album is a mixture of lo-fi instrumentation and stomping disco beats. The simple, pretty melody of You Say The Stupidest Things is a slow starter but still a great opener. They up the tempo with I Go I Go I Go, undoubtedly the stand out track with a brilliant 80s disco beat that will definitely get you moving! And even on the slower songs that beat remains, they keep the shimmering synths and the foot taping bass line; their single, Keep The Lights On is a perfect example of that.

Throughout the album the Scissor Sisters style falsetto vocals suit the sound perfectly. It's only on the darker Punk Spirit that they make way for hushed deeper tones; and these, together with the rolling drums and guitar based indie-rock show a different side to the band.

Wave If You're Really There is a real grower, getting better with each listen. It's a strong debut of infectious synth-pop, the perfect summer record destined to get people dancing in various fields at festivals this summer.

Rating: 7/10

Robyn Burrows

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