The Walt Disney Co. is staggering the release of a digitally restored Lady and the Tramp in February and March. The 1955 feature will make its first appearance in selected theaters on February 2, but unlike some other recent Disney rereleases, it has not been given an expensive 3D makeover, a reflection perhaps of the fact that it has never been considered one of Disney's great hits. In 1986, the last time it was reissued theatrically, it collected $31 million during its entire domestic run. This time, it is slated to remain in theaters just 12 days -- but presumably will have an extended run if ticket sales warrant. On February 7, Disney Home Video will release a Lady and the Tramp Blu-ray combo pack that will include three never-before-seen scenes that were deleted before the film -- only an hour and 15 minutes in its final version -- was released. The package also includes commentaries and several featurettes. Finally, Disney Home Video will release a standard-definition copy of the movie on DVD on March 27.