If we told you that Frozen looks set to overtake Toy Story 3 as the highest grossing animated feature film of all time, would you be surprised? Probably not, the film has been so popular since it’s release in November 2013 you’d have to have been living under a rock to not have at least heard about it.

Frozen Disney
Disney's Frozen

Not only is the Frozen soundtrack currently in it’s sixth week at number one in the charts, the film is also number one in DVD/Blu-Ray sales and digital downloads. Described by Paul Dergarabedian as “unstoppable”, Frozen has certainly captured the hearts and minds not only of its target audience...but their parents, too.

But what has made Frozen so popular with children and adults alike? From an outsider looking in it looks like your regular Disney princess movie, but that’s one thing that Frozen most certainly is not. Everything that you’ve come to expect from a Disney movie, the beautiful princess, the evil older female antagonist, the prince charming, Frozen throws out of the window. Frozen isn’t a story about a princess on her quest to love, it’s a story of sisterhood and acceptance.

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Red herrings are thrown at us in every direction from the very start of the film, trying to fool us in to believing that we’re going to see the formulaic Disney plot. Although Elsa is the “special” sister, the story focuses on her brave younger sister, Anna. Despite Prince Hans sweeping Anna off her feet early on in the movie, he isn’t all that he seems.

FrozenFrozen is Set To Become Disney's Most Successful Movie of all Time

There are two female heroes in Frozen, or more accurately one hero and one anti-hero, while the leading fella just comes along for the ride. These princesses are no Snow White or Princess Aurora, they don’t need to be saved, sisters are doing it for themselves.

The featured song from the film ‘Let it Go’ won an Oscar this year (as well as an embarrassing mispronunciation from John Travolta) and as time goes on Frozen doesn’t seem to be losing momentum, instead it continues gathering fans at a rapid pace. We hope that Disney follows suit with its upcoming movies and ditches their age old archetypal characters for the fresher, more modern ones that they invented for Frozen.

Have you seen Frozen? Do you agree that it may be the best Disney movie of all time?

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