The mediocre box-office showing of The Social Network over the weekend may redound to the benefit of the Walt Disney Company, which is reportedly planning an extensive campaign to win the best picture Oscar for Toy Story 3. The New York Times reported that Disney "has decided to take a deep breath and push Pixar's Toy Story 3 with all of its might." The decision to do so, the newspaper said, went all the way to Disney CEO Robert Iger, who decided that Toy Story 3 should become the first animated film ever to win the best picture trophy. The newspaper observed that in addition to the fact that the movie earned "rapturous reviews" as well as $1.1 billion -- more than any other film released this year -- " Toy Story 3 has the 'it's overdue' argument going for it." Until this weekend, The Social Network was regarded as the frontrunner in the Oscar race.