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Wallis Bird
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Wallis Bird Moodsets EP

Wallis Bird, the new blue eyed girl on the street. This 24-year-old singer songwriter originally from Ireland spent time in Germany forming a band and well the rest is history. Wallis Bird is set to release her new four-track EP Moodsets.

The EP kicks off with the title track Moodsets. This is a quirky upbeat little number that has that Katie Tunstall feel to it. Moodsets is an acoustic guitar and gravel sounding vocals during the chorus, which steps up the expectation into the rest of the EP. Next up is The Circle, which is a total opposite to Moodsets. There is no real life to it although sometimes it does do you well to chill out every now and then. Although she does hold a trick up her sleeve by bellowing out her clever lyrics towards the end of the track.

Oklahoma does slow things big style, and with tracks like this it does make you wonder if it would have been better to release this as a Single rather than an EP. Beep Beep seems more like a bit of a jamming session, which is interesting. It is always nice to hear a different approach to something although it does bring back the similarities of Katie Tunstall.

Wallis Bird does seem to be going in the right direction, but at the same time could just do with a little tweaking. The rawness that comes from her is fantastic and a joy to hear.

Mark Moore

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