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Ohio boys, Walk The Moon, released their major debut in the States back in the summer and now they've shipped it over to the UK. A good move seeing as the UK is a pop-loving place. Add a few words and brand it 'indie-pop/rock' and even those who neglect the charts may take a bit notice. They released an album themselves back in 2010 entitled 'I Want, I Want.' Their subliminal wining obviously worked and they got signed to RCA Records 3 months later.

Walk The Moon Walk The Moon Album

The self-titled album kicks off with 'Quesadilla', with its experimental intro and the fact it's named after a tortilla, what's not to love? Nicholas Petricca's voice has a similar tone to that of Ben Duffy of Fenech-Soler and Nate Ruess of Fun. Speaking of Fun, Walk The Moon has been compared to them musically. The harmonies carried in 'Lisa Baby' and single, 'Anna Fun' are sort of like Fun. Final track, 'I Can Lift A Car' also has some resemblance particularly in its kooky name and words (just feast your eyes upon this one), 'she kissed me on my new futon, and I'm cosy because she finds me attractive.' Its hearty beat brings Foster The People into the equation.

'Jenny' has resilient drums, whacky guitars and a building middle section that repeats, 'I'm not going to take it from you, unless you give it to me.' Ooh err. It's animated, brushing on a pop/punk feel. But the cheeky words on 'Shiver Shiver', 'Shall we get intimate again, I think so' just feel a bit odd in the middle of a song. It's as if someone has eavesdropped on a dramatic, Glee-esque conversation and accidently recorded it.

It does bear a quieter section, which shows a more serious side to the four-piece. The instrumental 'Lions' has euphoric ripples that baste among the subtle beat, as it rises to an intense pinnacle. 'Iscariot' follows on with delicate tones and suddenly is feels like you're listening to Of Monsters and Men or a folk duo. It's 5 minutes of tickling keys, with uncommitted riffs and passionate vocals. A stomping beat dominates its echoing end. It shows a different side to the band, one that sounds slightly more original than the rest of the album. If they combine their experimental tendencies with their more introverted side, an interesting album number two could be in sight.

Walk The Moon provide all the right elements, but they need to tailor them to create a more unique sound for themselves, not just adopt aspects from an array of other artists, who have engaged people recently through doing something different.

Hayley Fox

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