Review of R.E.V.O. Album by Walk Off The Earth

Recent years have seen the term 'internet sensation' become an overused phrase, yet it can accurately be attributed to Canadian quintet Walk Off The Earth.  A video of the group performing a cover of a hit song with all members simultaneously playing one guitar clocked 35 million views in 2 weeks, impressive figures by any standard.  No doubt it has led to this, their major label debut, and third album overall. 

Walk Off The Earth R.E.V.O. Album

The aforementioned reinterpretation of Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know', organic in sound and with impressive harmonies, sits in the middle of this offering, but the rest is original material.  The title track builds on a simple riff to develop into a power-pop anthem with an inescapable feel-good factor, while the potent mixture of male, female and harmonised vocals make it easy to see why 'Red Hands' has been pushed as a single. Country and folk influences are prevalent across the duration of the record and are particular successful in producing enjoyable moments in the shape of 'Gang Of Rhythm' and 'No Ulterior Motives', which could easily be a Jack Johnson number.

It's unlikely that there are many non-compilation releases that would see roots-influenced pieces interrupted by a turn at hip-hop, but that's exactly what happens here with 'Sometimes', a solid if unspectacular track that shows another string to the bow.  It is followed by a stand-out moment of the album, 'Shake', a mid-tempo acoustic affair that has the sort of chorus that instantly banishes cobwebs and makes the world seem a brighter place.  This exemplifies what Walk Off The Earth are about - making organic and fun music - and even if this isn't your cup of tea, checking out their video catalogue of covers is hugely recommended.  You'll see a group of talented musicians for whom thinking outside the box is the norm and usually the results are delightful.

Alex Lai

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