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Now, normally an album sampler would be no great shakes, not even worth writing about you might say. However, this five track sampler from Voxtrot's forthcoming debut gives us a tantalising glimpse at one of the most eagerly anticipated indie-rock albums of recent years.

The Austin quintet have built up a huge word-of-mouth following, compounded by praise from the incredibly hard to please Pitchfork, after they released their debut EP themselves on CD-Rs.

This kind of punk ethos is evident in the music too; the four tracks on display here have a scrappy aesthetic that belies the meticulous attention to detail in the melodies. And it's in the melodies where these songs shine; 'Firecracker' borders on U2dom in its scope, but the wide-eyed innocence of the vocals make it a charming pop song. 'Every Day' demonstrates a softer sound, all reverby guitars and strings, but is just as memorable as its harder rocking partners.

On the evidence of this album sampler, the full length offering is going to be a real treat when it emerges in September.

Ben Davis

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