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Von Sudenfed
The Rhinohead
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Von Sudenfed The Rhinohead Single

After the disappointing cancellation of Von Sudenfed's Leeds gig (I didn't quite burst into tears, but my lip did quiver for a few minutes), consolation arrives in the form of this single. Arguably the most accessible and radio-friendly track from the album 'Tromatic Reflexxions' (it doesn't have lyrics about DJs who've 'pissed the fucking bed' for a start), it's a bouncy, driving affair that worms its way under the skin and burrows into the subconscious. You'll be humming it at work for days, particularly the ba-ba-ba-backing vocals, which Mark E. Smith sings in an alarmingly convincing fashion. Simple but effective.

The single comes with two further tracks - 'Slow Down Ronnie' and the Pilooski Edit of 'The Rhinohead'. The former is a new one on me, and is a 'story based in the present time'. Lyrics spill over farting drums and synth arpeggios until we hit a chorus that sounds like The Fall circa 1992 given CBT and happy pills. I think at some level it might be about snooker legend Ronnie O'Sullivan, and it kicks ass. The latter is a remix that makes the most of the original's bounciness, backing vocals and buzzy bass, adding a few busy arpeggiated synth bits along the way to rather good effect. And the cheeky Euro-synth fade-out is priceless.

What to some looked like a side-project to produce a few curios is turning out to be far better than that. Props, Mr Smith.

Jon Watson

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