Vogue Williams is worried about what will happen when she and Brian McFadden start new relationships.

While the couple called time on their three-year-marriage recently, they are still living together and have remained friends but Vogue admitted that if either of them move on, it will test their friendship.

She said: ''I'm sure there are going to be parts of our lives down the line where it is going to be tougher. Like if someone moves on, it will be hard to be friends then and I get that. I haven't thought about it because I'm just single and I'm not ready to meet a new man yet.

''It's one of those things that when it happens, it will happen and we will just have to try and be mature about it.''

The 25-year-old beauty also admitted that whilst others might find their continuing friendship unusual, it works well for them.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''Everyone finds it really weird that we are friends. But I love his company and being in his company. We just struggled to make the partnership work.''