Vogue Williams ''pushed'' Spencer Matthews away when they first met.

The presenter admits she wasn't interested in the former 'Made In Chelsea' star when they first met and thought he looked a ''state''.

She said: ''When I met him, he was wearing tracksuit bottoms and slip-on shoes. I thought, 'Oh my God, the state of him.' I didn't want to like him at the start, he seemed smug, but we clicked as pals. We were just friends for the first six or seven weeks until we kissed. I didn't want it to last. I was pushing against it. He said when we were back in London, we would go for a date. I was thinking, 'Absolutely no way, you cannot tell a living soul.'''

And the 34-year-old model was ''enjoying being single'' at the time and didn't even want to be in a relationship.

She added: ''I was enjoying being single. I was living in a great house in East London and had two really cool flatmates. I didn't want a relationship. But once we got back from filming 'The Jump', we started going on dates and we went from there, I guess.''

Vogue is currently expecting the couple's second child as they are already proud parents to 19-month-old son Theodore.

Speaking on her Sheer Luxe podcast, she shared: ''I am so thrilled about the girl part. I thought I would only have boys. I am so delighted. I am around 25-26 weeks pregnant.

''I knew to the day with Theo, now I don't know. We found out quite early as we did the Harmony test after ten weeks because we're nosey. I haven't wanted to ask people what it's like having two children, I think it's better to go in at the deep end and not know. I have worries about sleep, as in, is she going to wake Theo at night? We just nailed his sleep routine.''