Vogue Williams' siblings still haven't met her daughter.

The 34-year-old model and her husband Spencer Matthews welcomed baby Gigi into the world seven weeks ago and though the Irish star thinks its been ''nice'' to spend so much time at home with the new arrival, especially to make an easier adjustment for two-year-old son Theodore, she's sad that restrictions in place due to the coronavirus pandemic means she hasn't been able to introduce the tot to her wider family yet.

She said: ''The only bad thing I would say is not being able to go and see family.

''My sister hasn't met her and neither has my brother. That's the only thing.

''It's been quite nice other than that because we've got to spend so much time together as a family. It's been a good transition for Theodore.''

Though Vogue insisted adjusting to life as a mother of two has been going ''quite well'', she's also had moments of being overwhelmed by exhaustion.

Speaking on 'Steph's Packed Lunch', she said: ''I think I cried twice yesterday! Today is a really good day though.

''You just have the odd day where you're exhausted. It's been going quite well!''

Spencer, 32, previously admitted he was amazed at how smoothly Gigi had fitted into their family life.

Spencer said: ''The whole thing was alarmingly unstressful. It felt like I was going out to get a coffee.

''Don't get me wrong, we share all sorts of wonderful moments where we're just gazing at Gigi adoringly, but it does feel super smooth and straightforward this time...

''It doesn't feel like there's been any change to our life, other than the fact that we have a beautiful daughter. I love her very much and I am extremely proud of Vogue. But life goes on.''