Vogue Williams' anxiety was at its worst after her divorce.

The 34-year-old DJ and presenter tied the knot with her second husband Spencer Matthews in 2018 but admitted that the end of her first marriage to Brian McFadden in 2015 was a tough time for her.

Speaking to The Times newspaper, she said: ''That was probably the worst my anxiety has ever been. And since then I've never had it as bad. Since then it's been a work-in-progress because I started to see a therapist and I became very mindful of my training, of the way I was eating. Everything shifted after I was more careful of myself. You don't realise how fragile you can be until you've gone through something like that - but now I don't get it so much because I live with Spenny.''

And Spencer admitted he was ''naive'' about anxiety before he met Vogue.

He explained: ''I had no idea what anxiety was prior to meeting and spending a lot of time with Vogue. It wasn't something that was ever on my radar. I was really naive about it. I just saw it as a word that was flung around by everyone, but when I met Vogue for the first time she was going through a bit of a tricky time, and that's when I first began to realise that anxiety is a serious thing and I learnt an awful lot more about it.''

Spencer, 31, was a notorious ladies' man before he settled down with Vogue but she insisted that his reputation didn't bother her as she initially didn't plan to get serious with him.

She said: ''I wasn't so concerned for myself. To be honest, I was single at the time and I was pretty much enjoying being single and I wanted to stay single because I'd hit a point where it was just great fun.

''Women like to go out and enjoy themselves too. I certainly enjoyed myself in my early twenties. I just didn't televise it.

''He had had a long-term . . . well, a year-long girlfriend before me, so there was that to kind of base things on. So he'd actually grown up before he met me.''

Spencer added: ''I didn't really have any sense of responsibility, nor did I take anything seriously really until probably my mid to late twenties.''