Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews go through “good and bad patches”.

The 37-year-old Irish model and former 'Made In Chelsea' star Spencer, 34, have been married since June 2018, and have Theodore, four, Gigi, two, and newborn son Otto, born in April.

And while life can get hectic in the Matthews household with their youngest member of the brood keeping them up at night, Vogue insisted they never fight.

She told Psychologies magazine: “We have good and bad patches.

“There have been times of stress – waking up with the baby 10 or 12 times a night has been really difficult.

“But we’re not big fighters, and he doesn’t get banished to the couch to sleep for the night after an argument.

“And we’re currently in a very good place, where we’re having a lot of fun and both enjoying our work.

“We have three kids who drive us up the wall sometimes, but I do feel we’re in a particularly good spot right now.

“Marriage is something that you have to work at.”

The radio DJ admits it’s hard to fit in alone time without at least one of their kids joining them for date nights.

She added: “For us, it’s about trying to do something once a week where we can have a little bit of time together.

“Sometimes, it doesn’t work out, and it’s rare that we wouldn’t have at least one child in tow – we went for a date on Sunday with Otto! But we do try.

“Wherever we are, we love each other’s company, and I think that’s key.”