Dame Vivienne Westwood thinks everyone will be ''migrants'' soon unless something is done to fight Global Warming.

The 74-year-old fashion designer, who has vowed to make spreading the word about the threat of climate change her priority, believes everyone will want to flee their environment soon unless a plan of action is put in place to prevent the increase of temperature in the earth's atmosphere.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, she said: ''I'm just hoping that people will understand that climate change is on our doorstep, it's here, and that we'll all be migrants soon.''

Despite her concern, the iconic fashionista is convinced there's still time to turn it around and prevent the inevitable, adding: ''It's something we might still have the chance to stop.''

However, Dame Vivienne doesn't believe her sole determination to protect the natural environment from destruction and pollution is doing any good but is going to continue to spread the message - even through her fashion.

Asked if there's any hope for her environmental activism, she replied: ''No, but we have to carry on. My next fashion show, I've called it 'Mirror the World'. What I mean by that is that you have to understand the world you live in, and you should be a little splinter that mirrors the world. Today you have to understand politics, you have to understand what's going on as well.''