Dame Vivienne Westwood turned her London Fashion Week show into a political protest on Sunday (20.09.15).

The 74-year-old designer was determined to put out a strong message about Global Warming and anti-austerity as she showcased her Red Line collection at the UK event.

Dame Vivienne place around 25 people holding placards with 'austerity is a crime,' 'climate revolution' and 'fracking is a crime' scrawled across the paper in a gallery overlooking the runway prior to the models strutting down the runway.

Lights dazzled above to ensure all attention was on the bold message and only then, a few minutes later, did the models wearing her Spring/Summer collection come trotting out.

The activist wrote a personal message to each of the guests, claiming politicians are causing ''incredible danger.''

She said: ''It's incredibly important... to be political because we face incredible danger from our politicians and we've got to stop them! They cause climate change and war...''

She added: ''They're taking us to mass extinction and we have to do something,'' according to Yahoo.com.

This isn't the first time Vivienne, who has vowed to make spreading the word about the threat of climate change her priority, has tried to convey the dangers of climate change.

The iconic fashionista said recently: ''I'm just hoping that people will understand that climate change is on our doorstep, it's here, and that we'll all be migrants soon.''