A dress Vivien Leigh wore in Gone With The Wind has sold at auction for $137,000 (£91,000). The dress, worn by Leigh when she played Scarlett O'Hara in the 1939 film, was sold by Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills on Saturday (18th April). Heritage Auctions, based in Dallas, Texas, was selling more than 150 items from the movie on behalf of a private seller.

Gone with the windVivien Leigh and Clark Gable dolls. The Leigh doll is not disimilar to ones sold at the auction.

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The grey jacket and skirt, featuring a black zigzag appliqué, was worn by Leigh in a number of pivotal scenes in the film, including when she is attacked in Shanty Town and when she first encounters Rhett Butler (played by Clark Gable). 

The seller in question, James Tumblin, used to work for Universal Studios as he was in charge of hair and make-up. He has collected over a 30,000 items from Gone With The Wind since the 1960s, according to the Antique Auction Forum. He purchased Leigh's outfit for $20 from the Western Costume Company in Los Angeles.

One of Gable's costumes, a grey suit, was also on sale at the auction. Other items from the film on sale included a number of bonnets, hats and chairs from the set. A typewriter, used to write the screenplay of Gone With The Wind, was also on sale as were call sheets and scripts used during filming. Perhaps the most bizarre lot on sale was a collection of dolls wearing different Scarlett O'Hara outfits. 

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