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Visionary Underground
Keep The Grime On
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Visionary Underground Keep The Grime On Album

Visionary Underground consists of DJ Feelfree, Coco, Damion and they have a variety of musicians and vocalists on 'Keep The Grime On'. I was first introduced to Visionary Underground when reviewing their single 'Eye Of The Storm' released last year and I was impressed. This album doesn't disappoint either. It's a reflection of progressive world music with all the street venom of artists that mean business.

Famed for their live shows having visuals that reflect Visionary Underground's hard hitting music you can imagine a visual feast. 'Keep The Grime On' I suppose combines Eastern sounds with pioneering sounds of drum & bass and progressive production. I think 'Grime' in the title is misleading when comparing it to sounds of Dizzee Rascal that represent UK Grime however they have the same ethic of street inspired sounds that are gritty, ballsy and pushing things forward. There's a definite Metalheadz influence on this album and you can hear it clearly on 'Surface To Air' which in my opinion is a good thing. The use of tabla and Eastern vocalists gives this album their own edge and it creates an innovative world feel. This combined with breaks, dark sub bass and even a slight techno slant, we definitely feel we are witnessing something new. There's a conscious lyrical element here also on tracks like 'Champagne And Wealth', 'Mind Yourself' displaying UK hip hop style elements and even ragga expression on 'Urban Uproar'.

These guys are showcasing British inspired music with pride and showing all the urban and multicultural aspects of UK street society with the ingenuity of progressive production techniques. It creates an intense listen that has an industrial and powerful effect. Progressive enthusiasts will love this and kids who are looking for something different. It stretches the ideals of drum & bass to somewhere new and the inclusion of Eastern sounds gives it a unique edge that is admirable. Cool!

Tareck Ghoneim

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