Vinnie Jones has been diagnosed with skin cancer and has said that he has already had "several lumps" removed from his body as he hopes to rid himself of the disease. The actor has also revealed that his wife, Tanya Jones, is also suffering from skin cancer as he told The Sun that he plans on fighting the disease with "everything I've got."

Vinnie Jones
Ex-footy star Jones blames his outdoor lifestyle for his developing of cancer

The 48-year-old revealed how he noticed what he assumed to be either "a blackhead or a wart" in February this year, but when he finally visited a doctor to have the growth checked, he was diagnosed with the most life-threatening form of skin cancer there is: melanoma. Melanoma kills 1,300 men and 900 women every year and Jones went to say that, despite already having some growths removed, more keep appearing and his battle with the disease is far from over.

"When the doctor said I had skin cancer, the first thing I thought was 'how long have I got?'" he told the tabloid paper, adding, "It's weighing very heavily on me all the time."

Vinnie Tanya Jones
Vinnie's wife Tanya is also suffering from the disease

Jones went on to say that, following the removal of the tumour under his eye, doctors had found more cancer in the same area and that he has since had a third operation to remove a tumour from the back of his head. He went on to blame his outdoor lifestyle and revealed that his wife, Tanya, is suffering from the same disease as a result of the medication she has taken for the past 26 year following a heart transplant.

Like actor Hugh Jackman, who recently told of his own run-in with cancer, Jones went on to implore people to wear sunscreen in an effort to avoid the same fate, saying, "Footballers never put on sunblock and they should all be wearing it. Kids should all be wearing it every time they play sport."