Review of Johnny Two Bands Single by Vincent Vincent and The Villains

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Vincent Vincent and The Villains Johnny Two Bands Single

EMI have seen the obvious potential of the London based villains and arranged a single deal with them, here's hoping it's the first of many.
When it comes to track selection for a single I think the Villains have got it just about spot on. From their delightful collection of 'twirl your girl' 50's rock, 'Johnny Two Bands' and 'Seven Inch Record' are two of the best.

'Johnny Two Bands' is the total lyrical reworking of song 'Making Raindrops' that was put together by the main man Vincent upon the breakdown of the original Villains line up. I just thank my lucky stars the split happened as it has produced a fine band and a fantastic song. You can hear the feeling in the song yet it doesn't make you sad due to the cheery guitars. Mixing them with the almost crazy vocal range of Vincent you have a superb pop/rock song.

'Seven Inch Record' is very apt as this is going to be on "a seven inch record with the villains on the cover" and I'm sure the various Villainettes around the country will be spinning it again, I for one am looking forward to getting my hands on some more Villains vinyl.
The track itself tells of Vincent's dream or is that vision of making a record in the future with the Villains on the cover? Well either way it has now come true! As with a lot of their songs it is perhaps too good to be a b-side but I'm not complaining!

I hoped this year would be the year of the Villain, with a 30th October release this has come a bit late for that but perhaps it can set them up for 2007.

Dom Chalk