Eccentric movie star Vincent Gallo is urging neighbour Hugh Jackman to close his curtains because he's beginning to enjoy a bird's eye view of the Aussie actor's homelife.

The BUFFALO 66 star recently moved into a new New York apartment and discovered he can see right into the home Jackman shares with his wife Deborra-lee Furness.

Although he's not a fan of gossip, Gallo admits there's many things he could share with the world about Jackman's private life - especially the state of his marriage.

He explains, "When you look out the window what I see is just unbelievable. First of all him and his wife, I've never seen them even acknowledge (each other).

"It's as if one of them is invisible and the other one can't see them. They're like the most disjointed couple I've ever seen. They should put their shades down more often or something."

18/08/2004 21:00