Eccentric actor Vincent Gallo has slammed his home town of Buffalo, New York, after his sister was incarcerated by local police for helping an abused child.

The BUFFALO 66 director and star is furious JANINE GALLO is serving a six-month jail sentence after becoming involved with a local child who was allegedly being abused by her father.

Janine - who owns a convenience store in Buffalo - says she took pity on the girl, who begged for help her escape from serious physical violence, and filed a report with social services.

However, the girl's family responded by taking out a restraining order and then launching a smear campaign against her, suggesting she was sexually interested in the youngster.

When Janine took a phone call from the frightened girl, she violated the order - and was sentenced to the maximum jail time by Judge FRANK CARUSO in September (03).

Vincent fumes, "My sister is an incredibly likable and popular and generous person. What's she supposed to do when the girl calls her hysterically crying?

"I've never heard anybody having this rough a time. They're treating her especially badly because of these completely false allegations that she is a sexual predator. If you reach out to abused children in America, be careful.

"Nothing is reasonable in Buffalo. I'm used to doing business in New York and Los Angeles - it's coming back to me why I put my thumb up on the Interstate when I was 15.

"It's ridiculous, inbred, like DELIVERANCE with smokestacks. I take a s*** on the city."

11/12/2003 17:20