WEDDING CRASHERS star Vince Vaughn was humiliated growing up, because his mother insisted on giving everyone in the family names with the initials VV - including their pets. As she began to run out of names for the family's numerous pets she came up with increasingly bizarre monikers. He explains, "Everyone in the family has the initials VV. My father's name was Vernon and my mother liked the double V's. "She named my oldest sister Victoria, my other sister Valerie, and my name, of course, is Vincent. "It would have been fine if it stopped there. But every pet we owned had a V name as well. "And as pets would sometimes die as they do, or runaway, the V names would get stranger each time. "My mom would look in the dictionary and find a definition she thought was interesting and she found some kind of goddess from mythology so we had Chihuahua named VANADIS. "To go out in the suburbs with the name Vince Vaughn and be calling for Vanadis Vaughn to come home is not exactly the coolest thing you could be doing."