Rocker Vince Neil is still haunted by the car crash in which pal RAZZLE was killed and he confesses the prison term he served for his part in the accident wasn't tough enough.

The MOTLEY CRUE star spent 30 days in jail and was fined $2.5 million (GBP1.3 million) for driving drunk in the 1984 car crash, which cost his passenger, HANOI ROCKS star Razzle his life.

But he insists he should have been more severely punished, and now feels he literally got away with murder.

He tells BLENDER magazine, "I wrote a $2.5 million cheque for vehicular manslaughter when Razzle died.

"I should have gone to prison. I definitely deserved to go to prison. But I did 30 days in jail and got laid and drank beer, because that's the power of cash. That's f**ked up.

"It's changed now. But you're 20-years-old and you've got a million dollars in your pocket and drugs and drink and women and fame and there are lawyers to protect you. We just thought we could do anything."

04/02/2005 09:42