Movie star Viggo Mortensen is very proud of his new tooth - because it's a permanent reminder of his time spent making Lord Of The Rings.

The actor - who plays ARAGORN in the blockbusting trilogy - had one of his front teeth knocked out when filming a sword-fighting scene in THE TWO TOWERS, but insisted on carrying on without it.

Taking no chances, producers on the set feared the tooth trouble would worsen and ordered him to visit a dentist.

He recalls, "I asked them to superglue the tooth so we could keep going but they didn't think that was a good idea.

"It was getting close to lunchtime so we kept going and I was gumming it until lunch, and then they sent me to a dentist and after lunch we kept going.

"Anyway, now it's replaced and it's my proudest and strongest tooth."

12/03/2004 09:38