Viggo Mortensen wants to star in a superhero movie.

The 55-year-old actor - who is set to star alongside 'Spider-Man' actress Kirsten Dunst in the film adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's novel 'The Two Faces of January' - admits that although he had to turn down a role in 2013's Superman film 'Man of Steel', he would love to get involved in as superhero movie in the future.

Speaking at a press conference for 'The Two Faces of January' at London's Corinthia Hotel, he told BANG Showbiz: ''I was offered two parts in that but I couldn't do it. It would be fun to do something like that.''

Mortensen - who is is best known for playing heroic Aragorn in the blockbuster 'Lord of the Rings' films - admits he's more interested in good stories than being cast in box office hits.

Quizzed on whether he avoided accepting roles in bigger films, he said: ''I don't care whether it's a blockbuster or not. I know there's a risk to going off and doing films where you're speaking Arabic, or movies that may not even be released in North America.

''If you do too many of those then maybe you're not going to be asked to do the bigger movies but I'm not worried about it.''

'The Two Faces of January' will be released in cinemas across the United Kingdom on May 16.