When 21.12.2012

Dan Fogelman, the screenwriter for upcoming comedy 'The Guilt Trip', talks about the star Barbra Streisand, his mother and the funny outtakes of the film in an interview in New York.

He mentions that although his mother is a big fan of Barbra's she never got the chance to meet her. 'My sister and I used to videotape her watching the end of 'The Way We Were' because we thought it was so funny how hard my mom would cry at the end of the movie', he recalls. 'It was guttural wailing; she was so affected by anything Barbra did but she never really got the opportunity to meet her.' He says she would've gone 'bonkers' if she'd had the chance. Dan also describes his relationship with his mother as like 'Barbra and Seth's relationship in the second half of the film'. He says that Barbra is 'the coolest lady ever' and is 'tireless' when it comes to working hard as well as being 'the most normal person in the world' and he is glad to be her friend. 'It's gotten very normal to go to Barbra's house which is basically the strangest thing you could ever say', he admits.