Review of On All Fours Album by Video Nasties

Review of Video Nasties album On All Fours

Video Nasties On All Fours Album

Remember the era of 'grunge'? Well Video Nasties are about to re-introduce it back to the spotty teenagers who are too young to have seen it first time around. The question is have they kept to pure grunge or is there a touch of Indie o Pop to spoil the music. Let's face it; if you are going to go down this type of music then you have to go fully committed because if you don't then it just doesn't work.

Have Video Nasties hit the nail on the head or have they hit their own thumb with their debut album? 'On All Fours' is a menacing piece that seems to split off into so many directions that you don't actually know where it's going to lead to and end. 'Jellybean' the forthcoming single, is real madness it is like Nirvana meets The Strokes the grunge is there but at the same time a bit too mainstream. First mistake yet there is no doubt that the kids will lap it up.

'Old Flowers' is full of sadness, heartfelt lyrics and guitar feedback; this is the direction that the whole album should take, but then they let it all down with 'Albatross' which hands us noise, noise and more noise but at the same time there is still that sense that all of these tunes have been tweaked in the hope that Radio One would latch onto it and give them the airplay that would catapult them onto the music radar. The thing is that there are three or four good or half decent tracks on the album but then you get 'Rolling' which really just wonders into nothingness it's boring. You find yourself falling asleep to it. Now 'Teenage Celebration' hits the nail on the head for the life of 'grunge' it just doesn't make sense and hits all boundaries that shouldn't be hit. This track doesn't make sense and that is the what makes it. If Video Nasties looked at doing tunes like this and kept thinking outside of the box then this would be a phenomenal album. As it is it's just not consistent enough in the genre that this album is supposed to be.


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