Victoria Wood, who died last Wednesday (April 20th), aged 62, spent her final days at home with her children, daughter Grace and son Henry by her side. Wood died after a short, private battle with cancer and her family are said to be planning a small, intimate funeral.

Victoria WoodVictoria Wood passed away at home last Wednesday, with her two children by her side.

A close friend told The Mirror: “ Victoria made it clear what she wanted and those wishes will be carried out,” said one of her closest friends. She had been in hospital a few weeks ago, but had made it clear she wanted to come home – and that’s exactly what she did."

“It meant she could spend that time in the home she loved, with the people she loved. The funeral arrangements haven’t been finalised yet, but she has always made it clear that she doesn’t crave publicity or fanfare, and the expectation is that her funeral will be a very intimate affair with only her very closest family there.”

“It may even just be her children, and potentially her former partner, with a bigger memorial service to follow at a later stage. Her family know what she wanted – and although there is a huge outpouring of grief from the world of comedy and showbusiness, they wouldn’t want to turn this into something that might have made her uncomfortable.”

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Speaking after her death, Wood's brother Chris praised her as ‘one of the brightest talents of our generation’. “I am hugely proud of what my sister has done so successfully in different fields of entertainment,” Chris Foote Wood said.

“It has been a privilege to have her as a sister and to have been able to observe at first hand how she developed her career. Victoria’s two children, Grace and Henry, will be absolutely devastated to lose their mother at such a relatively young age.”

“Another reason I admire Victoria is that she was determined from the start to give her children as normal an upbringing as possible,” he added. ITV bosses were said to be planning a celebration of her life this week, which will feature contributions from close friends and people she worked with during her career.