Victoria Beckham has penned a letter to her 18 year old self, giving herself advice for the future and promising herself that her issues with her looks won’t matter with time.

The 41 year old fashion designer and Spice Girl is the cover of Vogue’s October issue for the British edition. Her letter comes after a recent report indicated that a third of young British girls are unhappy with how they look.

Entitled ‘What I Wish I’d Known’, Victoria penned the revealing letter as part of the feature interview, and it details her life at college and how she met her husband, David Beckham.

“I know you are struggling right now. You are not the prettiest, or the thinnest, or the best at dancing at the Laine Theatre Arts college. You have never properly fitted in, although you are sharing your Surrey school digs with really nice girls. You have bad acne.

“You think the Principal has put you at the back of the end-of-year show (in a humiliatingly bright purple Lycra leotard) because you are too plump to go at the front. (This may or may not be true.)”

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About her current fashion empire, the mother-of-four wrote to her teenage self: “You are going to have so much fun with your clothes - PVC catsuits; chokers that say absurd things; weird spiky blonde hair.

“It will never occur to you that you appear ridiculous. You will turn up at awards ceremonies resembling a drag queen. But I look back at you and smile. I love the fact that you will feel free to express yourself.”

Finally, she revealed a few details about how David Beckham asked for Young Victoria's number in the player’s lounge at Old Trafford over 20 years ago.

“Learn more about football, especially the offside rule,” she tells herself, referring to her husband’s football career. “And yes, love at first sight does exist. It will happen to you in the Manchester United players’ lounge – although you will get a little drunk, so exact details are hazy… he has such a cute smile. You, too, are close to your family, and you will think how similar he feels to you. He’s going to ask for your number. (He still has the London-to-Manchester plane ticket on which you wrote it.)”

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