Victoria Beckham says her 50th birthday pictures prove she’s not a “miserable cow”.

The former Spice Girls singer threw a party at the end of April to mark hitting the milestone age, and was seen smiling in pictures posted online by pals – and in images captured by photographers who snapped her being piggybacked by her husband David Beckham, 49, out of the Mayfair private members’ club that hosted the bash.

She told Grazia about how the images are an accurate portrayal of her personality: “They showed the world who I really was. That is the real me. So it’s like, ‘Happy birthday, all that hard work of looking like a miserable cow for all those years is wasted!’

“All my friends successfully ruined that.

“Well, I also think that there’s an element of when you get older you care less what others think.”

Victoria has spent years being the butt of jokes about how she never smiles in photos.

The Spice Girls reunited for her 50th birthday do, with guests including Tom Cruise, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Eva Longoria, Charlotte Tilbury and Gordon Ramsay.

Mum-of-four Victoria also told Grazia she loves hanging around with women and is nothing like the “ice queen” people think as she loves sharing fashion tips with females through her business, and puts “humour” at the centre of her life.

She added: “I’m a real girl’s girl and I think that comes across. I remember when I was growing up, my mum had two very close friends and one would never tell my mum where she got her outfit from or her bag.

“She just didn’t want anyone else to know. There’s a lot of women like that and it’s bizarre.

“If I’ve got something great, a great tip or a great new pair of trainers, I want to tell everyone.

“The other thing is that for so long people had this opinion of me that I was this steely-faced ice queen because of the paparazzi pictures and the story that the media would paint.

“Through social media, people now see that that’s not me. I like to laugh at myself. There’s always humour in what we do. I think that’s key.”