Victoria Beckham is not ready to be a grandmother.

The former Spice Girls singer looks forward to the day one of her and husband David's four children - Brooklyn, 24, Romeo, 21, Cruz, 18, and 12-year-old Harper - become parents themselves but she doesn't think it will happen "just yet", even though her eldest son married Nicola Peltz almost two years ago.

Asked how she feels about becoming a grandmother during a video interview with US Vogue, Victoria grew flustered and said: "Jesus. What?! Woo. Hang on. I don't think it's happening just yet, unless you guys know something that I don't, it's not happening just yet.

"The last time I was with Anna [Wintour, Vogue editor] I was like, 'Anna, what do your grandchildren call you?' And she said to me, 'Anna.' And I was like, well that is very elegant, so maybe I'll take that route.

"But it's not happening just yet. But, you know, hopefully one day if I am blessed, then that would be wonderful. But we're not there just yet!

"Christ, it's hot, guys. It's hot in here! What's happening?!"

The 49-year-old fashion designer is a big fan of her daughter-in-law.

She gushed: "I think Nicola is wonderful, she's so talented and so passionate in what she does and her and Brooklyn make each other super happy, that is wonderful to see.

"As a mother, all you want is for your kids to be happy."

But Victoria tries not to offer her brood any advice when it comes to relationships.

She said: "I think you just gotta be there for them. Communication is key and be there to support them, support him and Nicola. I don't like to offer advice. I'm always just there. Me and David we're always just there."