Victoria Beckham made almost £1 million from the Spice Girls reunion tour.

Although the 46-year-old fashion designer didn't join her bandmates Emma Bunton, Geri Horner, Mel B and Mel C when they reunited for a summer tour in 2019, she still profited from the venture through endorsements and merchandising deals.

New documents filed with Companies House, show that Spice Girls Limited made £4.5million last year and as one of the business' only five members and directors, Victoria is entitled to one fifth of the profits.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: ''This means the rest of the group will have to hand over a huge amount to Posh on the back of the old magic they conjured up.

''The irony of the payout is that Victoria has become distanced from the Spice Girls as she's tried to carve out a niche as a fashion designer.

''But they have become a major source of her income once again as the clothes line falters. The other girls have handed a lot over.''

Victoria's Spice Girl profits are more than the £700,000 she paid herself from her eponymous fashion label last year.

And there may be more payouts in store for her as Emma recently hinted the 'Wannabe' hitmakers could be set to head out on tour again in the near future, following the success of their string of reunion shows in the UK last year.

She said: ''Hopefully there are still some quite exciting things coming from the Spice Girls. Fingers crossed we can do some more shows.''

Emma has been in touch with the other members and said there's even a possibility of the popular group headlining a world tour with ''international shows''.

The singer added: ''I have been speaking to Geri and the other girls - we have been chatting and talking about other projects. We would love to do more live stuff as well. To do more international shows would be a dream.''