Review of Trying Single by Victor Malloy

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7. Victor Malloy "Trying" (12" - Inertia)
This 12" is a decent taster of what's in store on Victor Malloy's up and coming debut album "The Musings of Monsieur Malloy". The opening track is a gorgeously, wistful track that reeks of talent from the outset.

The sullen vocal hangs delicately amidst a flurry of down-tempo samba beats and strings. And it's very nice to sing along to. The Adult Baby Mix injects a touch of spice with more of a funk groove and on The B Side we get the bonus of two more album tracks, "Reverend Johnson's Lament" and "Mother Savage Part 1".

Chilled out experimental waverings of top quality proportions, both reaffirming initial inklings that this is an album that needs to be heard. Excellent.