Vicky Pattison is no longer in a ''rush'' to have children.

The 32-year-old reality star has previously spoken of her dream to be a parent and even considered freezing her eggs - but she's now realised there is plenty of time for herself and boyfriend Ercan Ramadan, 26, to start a family.

She said: ''When I started going out with Ercan I thought, 'Here I am with this young fella - I'm never going to be a mam.'

''But then I started becoming fixated on the idea of wanting to be one.

''Now I've taken a breath and realised there is absolutely no need to rush.''

And even though they are living together, the former 'Geordie Shore' star insisted she won't be getting pregnant while they're isolating at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She quipped: ''We went to Center Parcs a while back with this family who had five kids - after that, we thought, we're not ready!'

''So I won't be waddling out of quarantine with a bump - most likely we'll end up with a puppy.''

While Vicky and Ercan are very happy together, she admitted it's been hard balancing her need for time alone with the former 'TOWIE' star's constant search for company.

She told Closer magazine: ''I'm quite an independent person. I do like to have time on my own.

''I like to read, relax and I'm fine with my own company.

''Ercan is quite different - he doesn't seem to need any alone time!

''I had a bath the other day - he just came in and started talking to me.

''I said, as nicely as I could, 'Any chance of me having a bath on my own?' ''He was fine about it and understood.''

Meanwhile, Vicky makes sure she has a social media detox every week because she doesn't want to get ''addicted'' to apps such as Instagram.

She said: ''You can binge on social media and it can become an addiction.

''I try to use it as a force for good and post positive things.

''But sometimes I feel I post too much and it gets obsessive - so one day a week I come off.

''I think social media is great for helping us feel connected, but it's also important to protect yourself and block out any negativity.''