Vicky Pattison ''forced'' her relationship with John Noble because she was ''desperate to be loved''.

The 32-year-old television personality split from her former fiancé in 2018 after video footage emerged of him seemingly getting close with a mystery woman in a Dubai nightclub.

And now, Vicky has admitted she knew there were ''red flags'' in her relationship, but continued to pursue things with John because she wanted to have the perfect love life that her friends seemed to have.

She confessed: ''I have had my share of ups and downs. There was a lot of public humiliation involved in my break up. I was so desperate to be loved that I forced the relationship - even when there were red flags. I wanted to be married and have all the things my friends were having. I had to put myself back together in the limelight. I'd had heartbreaks before, but that was a different type of pain. I'm grateful we split. I'm a lot stronger.''

Now, the former 'Geordie Shore' star is in a relationship with Ercan Ramadan, whom she credits with helping put her ''back together''.

She added: ''Ercan definitely helped me put myself back together. He's been a really positive influence on my life. He's such a nice guy.''

Vicky also spilled on how the pair met, admitting they didn't have a ''romantic'' start to their romance, as they first met through social media.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror's Notebook magazine, she said: ''It's not very romantic. We followed each other on Instagram, but we were both in relationships. Then coincidently, we both broke up with our partners around the same time. Three months later, he reached out to me on social media and we started talking. We took things slowly - by my standards anyway! He's lovely, and my family love him too.''