Review of To Find Me Gone Album by Vetiver

To Find Me Gone
Album Review

Vetiver To Find Me Gone Album

Singer/ songwriter Andy Cabic is clearly hiding his light under a bushy bearded folkie. Writing this second album while a member of Devendra Banhart's band has led to a real 'road album' feel. Closest in feel and sound to a gentler Turin Brakes, Vetiver manage some astonishingly hypnotic songscapes - lushly, gently gorgeous and thoughtful.

There is a proper (mostly acoustic) sonic range to move it away from a 'folky' pigeonhole, which neatly places it around early 70s California - maybe even a touch of middle-era Fleetwood Mac. As someone who finds Devendra Banhart a hard (and pointless) listen, I didn't expect much from this album, but was more than pleasantly surprised - so much so that it is a shame to mention them in the same review. Cabic is the finer songwriter, the better musician and the better bandleader. Buy this album if you've ever fallen for a Turin Brakes chorus.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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