Review of Self-titled EP by Versaemerge

Review of Versaemerge's self-titled EP

Versaemerge Self-titled EP

Florida-based combo VersaEmerge have their origins in 2005, but it was a couple of years later that they added female vocalist Sierra Kusterbeck to their ranks, giving them the basis for their current sound. Two self-released EPs brought them to the attention of Fueled By Ramen, this is their debut release for the company.

Considering that their label mates include Fall Out Boy and Paramore, you'd be forgiven for thinking VE would be another punk-pop machine. Thankfully they provide some variety, with intro track 'Theatrics' being an appropriate title for an atmospheric orchestral piece reminiscent of Muse in classical mood. It blends into the metal grandeur of 'The Hider', which introduces the sweet vocals of Kusterbeck, making grounds for comparison with the likes of In This Moment and Lacuna Coil. 'Moments Between Sleep' stomps with the attitude of early Fuel, while 'Past Praying For' has a punkish intensity. The quintet end on the curveball that is 'Clocks', a restrained acoustic ballad sprinkled with the orchestral touches they obviously love. Like the rest of the EP, it shows promise without hitting the heights to make you get overly excited just yet.

Alex Lai

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