Verne Troyer has been banned from approaching his ex-girlfriend.

The 40-year-old actor has been served with a temporary restraining order after he reportedly bombarded model Yvette Monet with abusive texts and called her a "hooker" when she finished their relationship.

In court papers, Yvette, 25, said their relationship ended months ago, but Verne hadn't stopped bombarding her with messages since and claimed she feared for her life after the 2ft 8in star told her she "better watch out" because he had friends with guns.

The actress said in her court declaration: "I have moved on, but he keeps emailing me, calling me and texting me awful messages.

"He will not stop. I've asked him more than 10 times to leave me alone...He said that he won't stop because he doesn't want me to see anyone else...I'm scared."

"Verne's friend Bart is carrying guns and will do anything he says and his friend Jose is a cop and has guns as well. I'm afraid for my life."

Verne - who must stay more than 100 yards away from Yvette under the terms of the order, which was served early last month - is said to be "shocked" by the model's allegations.

His attorney, Ed McPherson, told E! news: "I guess you can get a restraining order against anyone when you don't give them notice. He's shocked and appalled to learn about the false and frivolous accusations that have been made by Ms. Monet.

"It's beyond comprehension that a restraining order can be obtained with no notice to Mr. Troyer and no opportunity to defend himself...We look forward to responding to these allegations in court."

The order will last until December 2, when a court case must take place to decide if it will be extended.