Pint-sized movie star Verne Troyer loved his Amish upbringing so much, he plans to dedicate a large chunk of his memoirs to his childhood years.
The Austin Powers star admits his youth was very simple, living with relatives in Michigan - but he has fond memories of his past hardships of living without luxury and electricity.
And he's hoping to give the Amish a public relations boost when he writes all about his childhood in an upcoming autobiography.
He tells WENN, "I used to be Amish, so I know how to drive a horse and buggy. Through growing up I always had to stay with my grandparents, aunts and uncles who are Amish, so when I go back to visit I still get into the culture.
"My parents make their own apple butter, which I'll be getting in time for Christmas. They don't use electricity or drive cars but, having been around it all the time, I don't think of it as strange.
"The way the Amish like to live is plain - it's very Little House on the Prairie. To not have the luxuries we all have and live life the way they think God intended is interesting. I do miss it because that's how I was raised. You get a whole other perspective on life and family because you don't have all these other distractions."