Vera Farmiga has likened 'The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It' to a "love story".

The 47-year-old actress reprises her role as paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren in the horror flick and feels that she and Patrick Wilson - who plays Lorraine's husband Ed - do the relationship between the real-life couple justice.

Vera told "I love the story because, to me, it's a story about compassion and it is a love story. It's a philosophic musing on the nature of love.

"And that means 'agape', which is unconditional God love, 'eros', romantic love, 'storge' empathy love ... by nature of what they did, 'Phillia', friend love, by virtue of the people that they grew to love and people they tried to help."

The 'Safe House' star explained that she took a different approach to the role than in previous 'Conjuring' films.

Vera said: "This is one of those projects that, it's different than other characterisations were. You actually have to consider the spiritual wellness and wellbeing of the character you're playing.

"It's a whole other dimension of what to consider, character-wise. And I love that."

Meanwhile, Patrick explained that he would be "so nervous" if he ever had the chance to deliver a supernatural message to Ed, who passed away in 2006.

The 47-year-old star said: "I just look at everything right in front of me. I don't think about, 'Oh, if I only had the chance.' I think I would be so nervous at this point, because I feel like I've crafted my own version of him in my head that I wouldn't want him to screw up.

"It's like when you meet a rock star, you're like, 'I wanna meet you, but I kind of don't cause you may totally blow it for me.'"