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Venus Hum

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Venus Hum: Big Beautiful Sky - Album Reviewed
Big Beautiful Sky is the colourful and light debut album from the band formed by Tony Miracle and is released through the BMG label. It contains the Ian Van Dahl meets Bjork vocals of Annette Strean against a back drop of infectious catchy beats.

This album manages to slot nicely into the universal music lovers category possessing positive, catchy and inspiring beats against a backdrop of summery poetic lyrics in many songs, sure to bring a smile to the saddest face. Some of the song titles themselves are the epitome of positivism: Hummingbird, Beautiful Spain, Springtime #2 and Honey.

The band flirts with darker issues, as they appear to have a sly (albeit well natured) dig at society in Soul Sloshing:

"I know you? I swear I do.

You're just like me sipping a cup of pity "

This song certainly stands out in an album full of the joys of spring and summer imagery, as the lyrics are sharp and quite cutting in places. However, even on this track the lyrics are backed up by a catchy beat it will still have you dancing merrily around the room.

It is quiet evident that the main message the album gives out is that it is far better to concentrate on the good things in life than worry too much about life's problems. The aforementioned song Soulful Slosh puts that message across very well.

This is a great debut album which gives you the impression that like a flower in spring this band is going to blossom and provide a welcome distraction to life's little problems. So if you have had a bad day then do not fear, just put on this album and drift away into a summer's day!

David Adair

Venus Hum: Big Beautiful Sky - Album Reviewed @
Venus Hum: Big Beautiful Sky - Album Reviewed @
Venus Hum: Big Beautiful Sky - Album Reviewed @
Venus Hum: Big Beautiful Sky - Album Reviewed @