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Metallica Would've Worked With Lou Reed Again

Metallica had contemplated working with Lou Reed again before his untimely death.Drummer Lars Ulrich, 56, has revealed the 'Enter Sandman' rockers were interested in hitting the studio again with the late Velvet Underground legend -...

Lou Reed Died Peacefully

Lou Reed died ''looking at the trees'' while doing Tai Chi. The legendary Velvet Underground musician passed away from liver cancer at his home in New York last Sunday (27.10.13), and his wife, Laurie Anderson,...

Lou Reed Music Sales Soar In Wake Of Death

Lou Reed, the 71 year-old singer and musician who died last Sunday, has experienced a massive surge of interest to his music and has seen sales spike, sending his albums Transformer and Rock 'N' Roll...

Lou Reed Dead At 71: One Of History's Great Rock N' Roll Stars

Lou Reed - one of the most influential rock singer-songwriters of all time - has died aged 71. The legendary Brooklyn born musician had suffered serious health problems earlier this year, though the cause of...

Lou Reed Still Recovering From Life-saving Liver Transplant In Hospital [Update]

Singer/songwriter/rock God Lou Reed is currently in Ohio's Cleveland Clinic recovering from an apparently life-saving liver transplant he underwent several weeks ago. According to an interview with his wife, Laurie Anderson, published in The Times,...

The Velvet Underground's Legal Battle For Warhol's Banana Is Finally Over

If you’ve been keeping up on your Velvet Underground news lately, you know that big disputes can erupt over something as innocent as a banana. The dispute over the Andy Warhol Foundation’s sale of the...

Velvet Underground Lawsuit Partially Dismissed

Velvet Underground stars Lou Reed and John Cale have been dealt a setback in their court battle over the use of the band's iconic banana logo.The pioneering 1960s rockers launched legal action against officials at...

Metallica Announce 'Lulu' Release

Metallica and Lou Reed's 'Lulu' album will be released on October 31. The 'Enter Sandman' group collaborated with the former Velvet Underground singer earlier this year -which Lou described as "a marriage made in heaven"...

Metallica Record Album With Lou Reed

Metallica have recorded an album with Lou Reed. The unlikely pairing of the metal band and the avant-garde former Velvet Underground frontman has resulted in a ten track disc which Lou describes as "a marriage...

Susan Boyle And Lou Reed Team Up To Shoot New Video In Scotland

SUSAN BOYLE recently spoke of how she was hurt by LOU REED's refusal to let her cover his track 'Perfect Day' on an episode of America's Got Talent, but in a dramatic U-turn the former...

Lydon's Warning For Wannabes

Tragic punk icon SID VICIOUS would still be alive and well today if he had met rocker LOU REED - because he would have realised that the drug lifestyle the VELVET UNDERGROUND star sang about...

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