Club Koko,
23rd March
Live Review


Audiences can be hard work, especially when you're not the headline act. And so Vanlustbader had to win over a room full of Babyshambles devotees.

The boys (Shane – Vocals and Guitar, Terry – Guitar and backing, Paul – Bass, Jonny – Drums) may not be breaking too many new boundaries with their music, but they could probably stop traffic from 2 miles with their ferocious licks and powerful style. Yes, Vanlustbader are a no nonsense/lock away your daughters/where the hell has the rider gone/are you gonna pay for the mess in that room/full on Rock band!

They strut onto the stage and look like they should own the place, quickly breaking into 'Here We Go Again', a classy rock standard that shows the power and intent of this tight outfit. They keep the tempo pumping with 'Scorcher' and 'City Vs Country' in between Shane works the crowd well and quips about Live Aid, but to be honest, these guys wouldn't be out of place in a big stadium, they have that feel about them.

Next, it's the unmistakeable riff of 'Rock & Roll Part III' and I swear I can see terror in a few kids faces standing near the stage as the band release their weapons of rock! The crowd are starting to realise these boys mean business and are warming to the sound.

By the time we get to 'Communique', you can work out the mixture of Dandy Warhols, a touch of The Vines and a pinch of Jet which in my book can only be a good thing. They wind up the set with some more thunder in 'Come Alive' and then quickly disappear into the darkness. But don't expect Vanlustbader to be there for too long, their debut album "The People Vs Vanlustbader" is out next month and I expect it to float a whole lot of boats. Don't let you're daughter out just yet.

Elliott Bambrough

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