Review of The People vs. Vanlustbader Album by Vanlustbader

The People vs. Vanlustbáder
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Vanlustbader The People vs. Vanlustbader Album

Its listening to albums like this for the first time that really get me excited and realise why I love music so much. So many bands out there are releasing albums that have a blatant influence in them, and its getting boring. Vanlustbáder have taken their influences in rock, indie and punk and fused it into an original masterpiece of its time.

With so many good Austrlian bands like, Jet, TheVines and er…. Holly Valance (music aside…shes HOT!) This is the sort of album you buy thinking its good but you can tell live, they will be something exceptional, they will most definitely be the band you see in a new bands tent in a festival but walk away talking about their show and not the billionaire headliners!

The album skips its style from track to track ranging styles of rock, 80's disco, 60's beat, trip hop and glam rock! An album of singles that will most certainly have you playing the CD on repeat. Highlights of the Album have to be "Communiqué" – a real get off your ass and do something, anything! song. "Radio Tokyo", which is glam rock at its finest, you can forget the Darkness! and first single "Rock n Roll Part 3", which in their own words is a massive rock song with offhand lyrics – all about the music that God and the Devil listen too.


Adam Prickett

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