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v.i. was hot and still is hot. all this bad talk about him is bogus. never heard so many negative remarks and i put it down to jealousy. any guy wd have loved to be v.i. in 1990, big hit, load of money, women, parties etc. even now v.i. is still hot and has a huge following. leave him alone jerks, let him do what he does better than anyone else.

Posted 11 years 2 months ago by oogie-boogie

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This comment is for the so called "vanilla ice" i mean mr.van winkle (what a name haha) you are played out you have nothing more to do but act a fool an claim the your hard core or a bad ass rapper you are not tough your not bad and your not hardcore!!!you always claim to have respect for your wife and kids doesn't look like it to your viewers, but the way you show yourself in that surreal life and oh my god in the surreal life fame games, you were a hot mess, your acting was just horrible because if i was chris or mark i would have kicked your a** and threw your bi*** a** off the show, your a fake and your a fraud. you were then and you are now...oh and give it a bit more time pepa would have handled your scary ass....ron jeramy is a good guy im glad he flipped the script on your ass you deserved it....

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by chillinrube12

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